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Welcome to The Campus Network Leaders In Newspaper Advertising Sales

Founded in 1970, The Campus Network is the longest established advertising sales broker for Canadian youth marketing media products. We pioneered a system which allows national advertisers to reach Canada's post-secondary students via university and college publications. These publications are produced by students for students, on a campus-by-campus basis. One simple media buy can provide access to 17 campuses across Canada. Advertisers who choose The Campus Network gain access to the most targeted student media option available today. Click here to find out why you should choose The Campus Network as your newspaper advertising sales partner.

Benefits Of Using The Campus Network For Youth Marketing and Advertising

The Campus Network pioneered the 'one-order/one invoice' method of operation. This system allows newspaper advertisers to purchase a targeted media buy in campus newspapers across the country. Youth advertisers have proven to boost sales by appealing to the elusive 18-25 demographic. By engaging in targeted newspaper advertising sales, The Campus Network helps campus newspapers grow and improve the consistency and quality of their campus publication.

Youth Marketing Experience

The Campus Network is taking its breadth of knowledge of the youth marketing industry into the forefront of the technological age. We offer advertisers the option to choose from print media and online media. This is an efficient and effective way to maximize your reach on campus. The Campus Network draws on a long history of success to continue to provide the reach, relevance, and response we have always delivered. Now, with over forty years experience, newspaper advertising with The Campus Network is still as progressive as ever.

The Campus Advertising Reach

The Campus Network currently provides access to 17 official print and online campus publications across Canada, with a weekly circulation of 120,000 and a potential readership of 600,000. Those numbers represent a deep reach into the 18-25 demographic. Since 76% of college and university students read their campus newspaper, The Campus Network's targeted newspaper advertising provides a concentrated and relevant reach.

Youth Marketing Relevance

There are 2.3 million post-secondary students in Canada, representing about 7% of the national population. Advertising in the print and online editions of official campus publications gives clients access to a trusted media source that is written for student by students. This type of youth advertising exposes your message to a specific, quantifiable, and relevant reader base. Millions of university and college students make high-impact purchasing decisions every day. It is during this time that students establish purchasing habits and brand loyalties. They can either pledge allegiance to your brand or to your competitors.

Youth Marketing Response

The Campus Network's readers are young, active consumers, seeking out the latest products and services. Marketers should not underestimate the buying power of this significant and growing demographic, as university and college students have more disposable income than ever before. Reasons for this increased buying power are: more students are living at home; their parents are paying for more of their basic living essentials; they have several sources of income including government grants and loans; and more than 60% of students work during the school year. Advertising to this market segment will increase brand loyalties and presence in the campus environment.